I don’t have a life philosophy, but I want to try everything once. I want to go everywhere, just do things I have never done. Going out of my comfort zone as much as possible, because that’s the time where you can try other things. I always wanted to try things. It was always something that I wanted to do, especially the travel part, my parents hated that I wanted to leave! I would like to have a teleportation superpower, since I’m from Australia and that’s far from everything! I’ve realized I left as a teenager in Down Under and I’ve arrived in the Old Continent a Woman.

In my arm, I have iron forged the words “Que será, será” – whatever will be will be, basically a “donʼt worry too much” friendly reminder.

What do you think about the hostel life?

I love it! I’ve met so many people that have the money to not stay in a hostel, but they go in hostels anyway because of the social life and meeting people. I’m going to find a hostel job soon, in the near future, somewhere in Europe, I don’t care! Or maybe in Cats hostels!!