What city has surprised you the most from your experience experiences and why?

I would have to say London. We’ve been traveling for just about a month now and we’re going for a month and a half. We’re going through 12 countries which is incredible, in just about 6 weeks, that’s not very much time. We only spent two days in London, but you hear so much about it and just going there and finally seeing the things I’ve heard about forever, was amazing!

We actually met some amazing people there and I think I made lifelong friends after only being there from 2 days. We met at the hostel, yeah, traveling is powerful!

When you travel, if you stay in a hotel you’re really isolating yourself from the community and the people that live there, but if you go and you stay in a hostel, not only is it cheaper but you’re also putting yourself in a room with people from all over the world and by doing that, you’re intermingling these cultures and learning so much about others. Not only is it cheaper, it is more fun. I don’t know why anyone would travel and stay in a hotel to be honest!