What inspires you to open a surf hostel one day? 

Through some time, I´ve developed my dream to start my own surf hostel because I really love to surf and I´ve been to some surf hostels before. I really liked the vibe there, the people are good. I´ve had some rough times, but now I´m on the go and I´m traveling which is actually pretty good because I hope to be able to travel a total of 5 years and to make some money on the go. Today I´m going to Gijón to work in a surf hostel. I´m doing something for the website, SEO. I don´t know much about it, I know some basic stuff and I hope to develop my skills doing my thing and helping people. I get some money and I´m able to save, so that’s pretty good!

What countries do you want to visit? 

I´m not sure where I want to go, I really love Spain, it´s my favorite country, because of the lifestyle, the food and the people. I also want to visit Italy and maybe Bali and some other cool surf spots. I hope to be able to go to America one day, like Hawaii and look at all the cool surfboard around the globe. And being able to surf the best waves and to develop my surf skills.

What experiences o rough times have made you stronger? What advice can you give to people? 

I´ve been bad with hospitals and bullies. I’m writing a book. What I learned from it, is that always keep family close, make sure you have a good bond with them. I have a very good bond with my mom and my sister, they always help me, and my grandfather. They´re always there for me and I respect that.

Stay yourself, don´t change for no one because when you´re being bullied that normally means that you figured out your personality a lot sooner than the bullies, and they´re just following a path to get stronger. You´re the one who´s already strong enough to be bullied. They pick you because they´re jealous or want something from you and they wouldn’t do it if there was nothing there. 

So, if you´re a bully stop it, if you’re being bullied stay strong. At the end of the day, I´ve been bullied for a few years, but now my bullies are studying for their exams and I’m on the go traveling just doing my thing and that feels pretty good.