Tell us about World Peace Connection

Back in 2015 Dane and I started to put action behind our inspiration, and we started with this one question: ¨What inspires you most about life and living? We’re able to recognize that there are a lot of people in the world who want to take action and they want to find out what inspires them, but they are simply maybe stuck. So that’s when we decided to plant the seed in their head ask them a question and create a curriculum where we walk them through how they find their inspiration.

How the project has evolved?

Dane: We want to create social positive change. We believe that everybody wants to do something to contribute to the world and so we give them a platform to figure out how they can pinpoint what that is and what they can do to contribute to make the world a better place.

Chari: As we are travelling right now, we are building communities with the people that we meet, so we encourage you all if you take time to go to World Peace Connection and join our Facebook group and find us on our website we want to create a community of people who want to inspire great positive change around the world.

Can you give us three tips on how to follow your passion?

Chari: I think the first tip is to take a moment and ask yourself truly what inspires you most about life and living. And be honest with yourself thinking about the question. Maybe you don’t know the answer to it and there’s no right and wrong, it’s the answer that is truest to you that would be my first tip. Second thing is identifying something that you love to do, something you would do without getting paid necessarily, but it’s almost like locating your gift. Once you figure out what inspires you, locate your gift, then ask yourself is there any local or global issue that I want to bring awareness to?

Dane: And then, once you figure out that local or global issue that you want to bring awareness to use that gift, use what inspires you to put it together, and then create positive change.