Tell us how about your friend Prachi and your recent India trip

Prachi is the cutest and the most homemaking welcoming person who just opens her heart and soul to you and makes you feel very welcomed. Not only Prachi but her mother in law, and then her other friends I met in India as well. I just felt that I was visiting my family, everyone was taking care of me a lot and being very adorable and extremely welcoming.

I met her in the hostel here two years or so she was visiting Spain with some friends and family members and I was there walking tour guide and I met up with her in India. She has a glow, she takes care of you at all times, and at the same time she is really cool about it. She doesn’t stress out how to take you to places, she just shares her life with you, and she enjoys every second of it.

What are the most memorable moments of your trip?

I think the most fun moments where the least spectacular ones, where we were just sitting and telling jokes and we would just start crying with laughter to the point that we had snot running down our faces because of just something somebody said, so just some gesture. Those connections you make with people that make you cry from nothing basically. But also clubbing and all the food she gave to me and walking around the huge crazy rain around Mumbai, all that stuff it was amazing. Everybody go to India, pack your stuff and go!