While in Portugal I’ve been working on a Vineyard for three weeks, peaking grapes for 8 hours a day, and then if the tank of wine is full, you can do extra hours, it was savage! But yes, I made some money. So now, I’m traveling to Toulouse and then go to another part of France to do trial shifts for a week in a French restaurant so I’ll become a chef!

I love cooking, I like all types of food. But if you can learn how to cook classic French dishes, it will all works. I really wanna be a good chef!

How did you know about the vineyard in Portugal?

Last year, my friend that has been working on the vineyard was like: “Do you wanna pick some graves?” And I said “Yes! Why not?”

It was in Linhares, it’s very beautiful. I love Portugal, the food is great, people are great and the wine and beer are really cheap and good.

To be honest, I don’t have a bucket list. I have a lot of things that I want to do, but I can’t be thinking of them now. Everything I do is really disorganized, I end up on places because it just happens, like this job in Portugal after talking with a friend. If I didn’t go with the flow, I’d probably be in my city not doing much. 

What have you done here in Porto, until now?

I’ve been surfing! I’m actually quite tied on money, but I’ve been exploring the city by walking. I really like the «Square of the Lions» (Praça dos Leões), and the wall under the famous bridge (D.Luís I) to see the sunset with my feet almost on the water at evening, when the sun is getting down and all the boats on the river, it’s nice! And also the beach, because it has long easy waves perfect for beginners.

Do you have any life philosophy?

My philosophy is «get home with it» it is like «You just have to keep going». It doesn’t have anything to do with travel all the time, it is more like “if things get bad, you just have to keep going, keep trying”