What is your take on European cities?

I find that in Europe sometimes there is a lot to see, but there is not a lot to do where as in other countries like Australia where I am from. There isn’t a lot to see, but there is a lot to do. And I feel like sometimes when you are in some of these European cities they are really beautiful and they definitely take your breath away, but I feel like after a few days you´ve pretty much done everything, because the city is pretty small and there aren’t a lot of districts. That’s why I find the bigger cities in Europe really fun: Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and London, because they are just massive and there is a lot of different suburbs with different feels and different themes, and different stuff to do. I feel like the little suburbs or districts have their own unique personality or sometimes there would be like a district with manly bars and vintages shops, or there can be a district which is a really historical old town, or there would be a district which has a massive Turkish immigration, and you don’t get that with the smaller cities over here.

An ideal city for me would be somewhere I can walk from one suburb, to the next suburb, with completely different things to do, and things to see, and completely different people, just new waves interest.