It’s my first time ever traveling out of the US. I rarely even leave just around where I live so I just thought that I have to do it. My major is Spanish and I thought, well there is no better way to practice than to come here, So that’s exactly what I did! It took some time convincing my parents, I’m only 19. So I am here for about 6 days and I’m leaving tomorrow to the States. I’m not backpacking for now, I’m keeping it all in one place.

I’m traveling alone and I’ve definitely learned more about myself in the past 4 days than I ever could have anywhere else. It’s absolutely been life-changing, it’s been so crazy.

Walking around has been crazy as how every thing looks so much different than in any country. Making a connection with people that I never met before and then they leave, and you make new connections. It’s like nothing I ever done before.