What places do you recommend travelers visit in Chile? 

I would recommend the south of Chile like Valle de Elqui and all those natural outlands, more than the city itself.

Now they are in a very complicated situation because they´re a lot of riots, so right now it´s not like the perfect time to go if you don’t like stressful environments. But if you like natural landscapes, I think it’s a very good option in South America.

What´s your favorite thing to do in Chile? 

Going out, especially in Santiago, because Santiago is a city without many beautiful, natural landscapes, but you have a lot of things to do. You have a lot of cinemas, pubs, discos, like getting together and drinking with friends, I think that’s the most fun thing to do in Santiago, at least.

What would you like to change about Santiago? 

I think that people aren’t very polite. They are very stressed people because they are always working and the transportation is bad, so they are angry all the time. They are really dirty, streetwise, they throw a lot of trash and that they are always in a hurry. They never say “please” or “sorry” or ¨thank you¨.