I am studying computer engineering here in Porto, I graded to the 3rd year successfully. Also, I am studying network development sponsored by Cisco. I love my course because since my childhood I appreciated how a computer works. To create an app requires careful attention to its design (how it is constructed on the backend) and I just love it that way!

If I could create an app I would like to develop an easy and simple interface for handicapped people to turn their life easier. My idea was to be applied to basic services (hospitals, supermarkets, etc).

What you value most in a friend?

I value the loyalty of a friend. If they aren’t loyal how can they give a true opinion about a serious problem in my life? Loyalty for me is everything. Some people are succeeded in life but based on lies, etc… I could not be very successful or rich in life but, at least my consciousness will always be clean.

My family/friends say that I am somewhat greedy in a good way, and gentle with people that need help. Sometimes I overwork which is good and bad at the same time. And obviously, loyal!