How did you get passioned about music?

I started off on the saxophone when I was eleven years old, it was something that was in my family, my brother played trumpet and it kind of trickled off down to me playing the saxophone and then I started listening to a lot of indie bands and I kind of liked the way they didn’t give a shit about the main music industry. So after listening to a bunch of indie bands and experimental bands for a long time, I kind of started picking up a guitar learned covers and I started writing lyrics and my own songs and then after that, you kind of have an innate sense to perform for people.

Do you have any particular memory of a performance?

There is a song that we had with my previous band called “Garden case”, recorded it’s eight minutes but when we play it live it’s ten minutes long. We extend it a bit and it’s really quite at the beginning, then it builds up, and then it gets quiet again, but there is this small break right before it gets really loud. So, right after this quiet part when we were playing it for fifty or sixty people, the whole venue was really silent and it was a really beautiful moment between everybody, just feeling what was in the room. Everyone in the crowd was part of the band too because after the loudness came everyone went crazy, it was beautiful.

Who’s your favorite musician?

My favorite musician is Justin Vernon he plays in a band called Bon Iver, it’s the most noticeable one but starting off I always listened to classical music like Bach and Beethoven and then in jazz Dave Brubeck, Take Five. I listen to that all the time and then I usually have one of each genre

I think that when you listen to a song you judge it really quickly now with Spotify and all of that stuff. In the past, we listened to it more carefully, because you had to buy the cd, cassette or the record. I still find myself listening to the full albums with my headphones on.

The evolution of music is so unpredictable because at least when I was growing up like making it was getting a record label to support you and now getting signed is not a term musicians use anymore, but instead is getting views and followers because that is what gets you in gigs and on tours. I feel that musicians have a little more control over their stuff because now you know you don’t have the record labels telling you what to do and you have the ability to be more personable with people over social media.