I’m studying Law, I chose this it because sometimes justice lacks for those who have fewer possessions and I can’t ignore this injustice to the people. So, I seek to help those in need who can’t defend themselves or lack the resources to do so. My purpose at the end of college is to be a teacher, or a lawyer or even work for a multinational. 

This year I found, in a way I can’t explain, a person that changed my vision of the world and even my conceptions of some subjects. The world is filled with amazing people so seeking out and finding those people is what makes the difference. 

Believe in people, in humanity. We are good people, some of us just don’t have the courage to practice well! 

Give an advice to people visiting Porto 

I would recommend everyone to go out and hit the streets, to explore for themselves because Porto has so much to offer!!!! It isn’t a place, in my opinion, that someone tells you to go here and there. It’s a place where you get experiences! A romantic place that needs to be explored by yourself, put your shoes on and walk, find hidden places by yourself, don’t ask locals, don’t ask Google, just be by yourself (or with your friends) and just go!