Tiago Carvalho, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

If I asked for a place to visit, like the number 1 place to visit and chill, what place do you recommend?

Probably someplace around the Alentejo area – amazing sunny weather, great local people with amazing stories to tell, gastronomy to die for and miles and miles of unbelievable landscapes …

If money wasn’t a problem, what country would you visit on you next vacation?

Well, that’s hard to choose… So many options… I would say the Balkans region and explore several countries around that area, primarily because of the history of the region, the amazing and vibrant landscapes who compose them – beaches, lakes and mountains in such a close distance, and the opportunity to know, what I consider to be such a different culture. Yep! Definitely a “make it happen” kind of adventure!

Who would you take with you?

My closest friends for sure! It would be for sure one hell of a journey to experience with them, and years in the future I know we would remember those days as if they were happening in the present …

If you could «uninvent» one thing what could it be?

Tough question… Honestly, I believe most of the things would appear one way or another, so saying some «fancy stuff» would not mean a lot. With that in mind, probably, and since this is a hot topic, the immeasurable use of plastic… Most of the time, we have good and more eco-friendly alternatives, so yeah, the non-stop use of plastic would be my choice!