While traveling, can you remember a place that made you feel like “this is where I belong”, and what made you feel that way?

Yes, I had that feeling, the feeling of belonging, which is weird – and I was recently thinking about it. I felt it in Spain, and I really think that I would feel that in Portugal too. But on the other hand, I had that feeling – even though it was a quite different experience – in Egypt. So, I was recently thinking that on one hand, I have a feeling that I belong to Spain, but on the other hand, something that is more, like Middle-East, and I recently thought about it, like “why do I have a feeling that I am either here or there?”, and I don’t know, now I’m confused where I belong. Because it’s totally opposite.

What is the thing that makes you feel like that?

I don’t know, the music, the words, the vibe of the place, I don’t know, something in the air. I can’t describe it, it’s more like a feeling. I do love home, I do love Serbia, and I’m representative of Serbia, because whenever someone comes to Belgrade, they’re like “okay, Tamara will tell you” or even among us, among friends, they’re always, “can you suggest some place to go? What to see? What to eat?”, and I’m always outdated with the happenings. But I don’t know, Middle East or Spain, I’m in between, so I’m hoping to figure out, maybe I’m half belonging.

Any special moment that made you feel from somewhere?

I was going to Egypt with one friend, she’s thin, tall, and she’s blonde – and everybody’s, “oh you’re going to be in Egypt, a lot of people will give you camels over there or they will like, want to marry you. Prepare yourself, you will be adored!” and she was like “oh, no no!”, but she did prepare for that! And when we were walking the street, she was like “I don’t care!” but she did, and so everybody around was pointing at me and was like “oh, Egypt! Egypt, Egypt!”. And I was like, “no!” and nobody mentioned her, and she was like, “everybody told me to prepare and nobody’s offering camels for me and nobody wants to marry me! Everyone is saying you’re from Egypt and nobody’s paying attention to me!”

So, everybody thought that I’m from there and when I’m in Spain everybody thinks that I’m from here, so I don’t know, in the both ways, half of my heart is here and half of it there, so I am trying to figure out that.