How did you meet and how did the project evolve?

We have known each other for seven years and we are fanatics of an Argentinian football team called River Plate that won the final of Copa Libertadores. That passion also took us to be together. A friend of ours introduced us and we were holding hands to see this football team and after, we started going out together.

Our first trip was to Europe and the first stop was Madrid, so this city brings to us a lot of memories that’s why we like it so much! We were already travelling separately and that love for travelling grew more with time, and that’s how we created a life project by first creating an Instagram account. We already had friends who were travel bloggers and we said let’s start creating a blog! Our first destinations where very impactful because we already went to Iceland and Egypt that five years ago and they weren’t typical destinations like nowadays. People we knew gave us information on how to start. And because I am a publicist and I also studied marketing I said: I must do this! Viajar es Vivir has an Instagram and a travel blog and we are launching YouTube channel!

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

We would like to live here in Spain, in the outskirts of Madrid. Maybe in a neighbourhood not very close to the centre but still Madrid. We are in the process of getting our Italian citizenship, so the idea is to be part of the European Union let’s see if we can!

Do you think it’s important to have a home base?

Yes, we encourage traveling having a home, we have our dogs. In two days we return, and we really want to see them. We know that here in Europe it’s a lot easier to go to another country. In Argentina it really takes an effort. We have Chile next to us and even going to Chile is super complicated it’s not as easy. Here to go to another city, or to another country, it’s a little easier in terms of trains.

Why the name “viajar es vivir” (to travel is to live)?

Travelling is beautiful. I have done it alone. I have done it with Lukas. I did it with friends. You have to travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s here or thousands of kilometre away. You have to travel to get to know people. That’s why I like Cats Hostels so much, because their intention is to create groups of friends. Even though there are a lot of people travelling alone they come here to the bar and they start to chat with someone and don’t feel alone, so travelling also gives you friends and experiences, culture, and happiness, travelling is to live!