I work at Cats Porto Hostel in the housekeeping department. In the words of my best friend, I am annoying, persistent, organized, extroverted, with personality. Well, that’s completely true. I really am a little bit cleaning and organization maniac, that’s why I think I can be very annoying, hahaha.

My favorite part of the city is Cais da Ribeira because is a chill place for me, I usually go there to be with myself and put my headphones, deep breath and try to not think in anything else, almost like a spiritual meditation. But the place I go when I’m in party mode is Galerias de Paris because itʼs always funny and you can smoke and drink in the streets. If I had to choose one restaurant in the city, that would be King long (a Chinese restaurant). My favorite food is Chinese!

What’s the next city you’ll like to visit?  

Bayona, in Spain. The first and only time I went there was with my boyfriend, it was our first trip together, and so it was very very special to me. I loved the experience of camping in Bayona park, it was peaceful and fun at the same time, that park had the 2 things that I enjoy the most, when I’m on vacations, that is pool and beach!

What’s the biggest mistake you see tourists do when visiting Porto?  

Some of them donʼt know how to cross the street, they only look forward and the traffic in Porto is massive and massively dangerous. I really would advise all of the tourists and even locals to please be careful crossing the streets and walk in the road sides also to prevent any accident!