Silvia Cornejo, Tenerife, Spain

What’s the first thing you’ll do once this is over?

I’ve been creating a list of things to do with friends in the city. I was thinking to share it with them! And it’s a chance to say, “I miss you”. We don’t say that often. I think I can say “I miss you and I can’t wait we go together to this restaurant / party / day trip” Not sure about the first thing on that list though!!

But even the smallest thing will work, like drinking a beer in the bar next door. We should support local businesses. I can’t wait for the bookstores to be open and buy some books people have been recommending on social media.

Oh, and one of the first things will definitely be, to reschedule the trip I was supposed to make this week!!!

What are the good things that quarantine will bring?

I’m sure public health services will be reinforced. I hope the worker conditions improve! More fixed contracts than there are now.

Also, I think this crisis shows how important vaccines are, so maybe some antivaccine activists will finally understand than praying or consuming homeopathy is not enough!

In general, I think people will value what they have. I mean, the little things in life, a small stroll. If now, going to throw the rubbish or going to the supermarket is the best part of the day, maybe we realize we don’t need a lot to be content, as long as we have freedom, that hey, it’s more than other people have. And we take things for granted.

Also, maybe some people start valuing their jobs more than before. Maybe you hate your job or boss but you have been able to work from home. Just compare with the people who have been fired and make a mindset shift!

Any news or people who have inspired you?

All the people that are doing good actions, in general. I saw this girl who left a note at the building entrance to offer to go shopping to elderly neighbors, so sweet!

My sister inspires me too. She’s a doctor. I’m here at home saying, “oh fuck, I’m bored” but then, she goes every day to the hospital, take care of her patients, expose herself to the virus being on call for long hours, and then, comes back home, and sit in the computer studying new protocols or new info she receives from the hospital.

Anything else you want to share with the world?

The other day I read a post from a friend who is preparing for a competition. She posted a picture of herself on the last day she was going to the gym, and wrote that, of course, she didn’t know it was going to be the last day. And she added:  You never know when it’s the last time of anything. And this especially hit me close, even more, knowing she lost her father some years ago. And it got me thinking about family, and about that if you don’t live with them, or even if you do, you never know when it’s the last time you’re going to hug them.

You never know when it’s the last time of anything. A gym class, a hug. So, embrace the good things in life and enjoy them as if it was the last time you could. (hopefully, it won’t be!)