Hi, my name is Shrey and Iʼm 28. Iʼm a software developer and I worked at IBM for a year, but after that, I studied and after that, I quit everything and started traveling 3 months ago, inside of India, then Turkey, Istanbul, then from there I came for Porto! I’ve never been to Portugal, and I’m here for 4 days and the thing that I love most in this city is the people, you are all very welcoming and very warm. My favorite place in this city is Jardim do Morro, near the bridge on the Gaia side, I saw the sunset there today and it was very beautiful.

Im a Buddhist, when I started traveling, I went to Himalaya to a Buddhist temple, where I learn a lot about life, myself, and the chakras. Now Iʼm giving my very best to stay 100% focused in now, and not think in the past or the future.

After my guided meditation course, almost every day I feel something profound. It was a great experience for me. It changed me as an individual and spiritually! I was there for 1 month and a half, learning Hinduism and Buddhism but now I’m a self-learner, every day I learn something.

Give us a life advice

I live the “now”. I advise everyone to try to do that, is my advice to you and for everyone – try to live now, and not judge yourself. Donʼt do judgments, that gives us a lot of negative things, Iʼve working myself to not judge me, thatʼs difficult but yeah, thatʼs my way of life.