What is your occupation?

The most summarized answer that I can give you is: “a soul living in a human body”.

The longer version would be what is written on my website: an athlete, entrepreneur, coach, social media and digital marketing specialist, consultant, website producer, writer, researcher, investor, promoter, public speaker, influencer, blogger, agent, alchemist, healer, empath, artist, philosopher, yogi, oculist, mystic, visionary and lightworker.

What brings you the most joy?

The first thing that comes to my mind is eating a cold mango in the summer on the beach. But other than that, I am usually in a state of joy because I face my fears and I live with full faith that I know that God loves me and that he is always going to plan out the most beautiful scenario for me and for everyone around me. Sometimes life gets tough, but I believe that after you passed the tough part, which is the learning part, you I look back and I have that much more intensified joy. So, I appreciate the rough times even though sometimes they might not be that easy. Overall, I am generally very thankful for everything.