What’s the best party you´ve been to and why?

Best party? I´d say, it must have been about 6 years ago. My friend and I went to Los Angeles for a two-week trip and we went down to UCLA, cause he wanted to see the campus. And on the way back, we were on the bus and we were going through frat houses. And I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to get a picture outside? So, we got off the bus and up to the first door, people were coming in and out and we just joined their party. It was something you´d see out of the movies and it was just so unreal, you know, “we´re at a frat house”.

It was literally everything you see in the movies. That’s how they party. They just drink a lot, a lot of drinking games. There´s always beer pong going on. Half-naked people walking around. Yeah, it was something I´d never forget. 

What do you look for when you go out partying?

Anywhere that has a good vibe. The music, the people, the people who serve you, as well. If they´re willing to sit and chat and have fun, then we get along well.

Any tips for party-goers?

Be careful of your limit on how much you can drink. You know, you want to make sure you go home safe, but you also want to have a good time… And just be kind when you´re out. That’s how you meet new people, new faces.