My friend and I just graduated from our programs and I just got my doctorate in audiology, so we decided we needed a little break and friend of ours lives in London, so we decided to go visit her as well and see Spain and Amsterdam.

I was probably most hesitant about being in a country where we don’t know the language really well and a different culture, but everyone has been very nice. We were in Paris, France and we got lost. We went in the complete opposite direction of where we were supposed to go. And two men who didn’t speak English tried their hardest just to help us, and they spent 15 minutes pointing us in the opposite direction, telling us to go that way.

It was really refreshing to see someone who desperately wanted to help us so much and didn’t even speak our language so that was great that was a great experience.

Travel tip

Always bring a map because we did not, and trust and feel free to ask people, I don’t think there is any issue or problems in asking for directions ever.