I’m the youngest worker of Cats Porto Hostel, and I’m very proud of that! I was an intern at first, and at the end of my internship my managers talked to me and said they liked a lot my way of working and my effort in everything I do, and they offered me a job as a receptionist!

At first, I was like “said that again?” Then I started to laugh I little cause I didn’t believe them in the first time. It was the best thing that happened to me this year! And the second thing was working in the S. Joao event! Believe me, I had a great time, the greatest of all my internship in Cats. I helped making the barbecue and preparing the pork steaks with bread to give to the guests. At the end of the day, I took a shower and after that, me and all the staff went out to party!!! I was a little hangover in the next day, but that’s normal, right?

Where I see myself in the future? I like the idea of continuing to work here, because I really love the staff and the ambiance and talk to guests in the reception. I feel that I am growing a lot here, professionally, emotionally and as a person.