In what countries have you lived?

I was born in Barcelona, but I left when I was two months old because of my father’s job. I lived in Brunai, then I went to Venezuela then I went to the US, Houston, then I went to Holland, then I graduated from Qatar, then I came back to Madrid because I wanted to go back to my roots because I never lived in Spain and I am Spanish! And although we speak Spanish at home, I felt that I was missing some type of essence.

Living around the world obviously it shaped me to be who I am for sure and I always tell my friends that I am a combination of cultures and I sometimes can’t identify with one single culture.

Even if Spanish though it’s my own, I have little parts of me that I have taken from all of these countries. Especially because they are super radically different. when I moved from Holland to Qatar you can’t imagine two more contrasting countries, so it’s been really amazing because it has expanded my horizon, in the sense that I am able to appreciate a lot more in people.

What are the bad parts of traveling all around the world?

I build these very solid friendships with people but they kind of break because of how I had to leave. And even though I still remain in contact with them, it’s still difficult to tear away from people so quickly because usually, I would get a one-month heads-up before I had to leave, so it was kind of hard to build this life and then pack it up in just a month.

And is still worth it having this kind of life?

Yes, I think it’s worth it in terms of opportunity costs. I still want to live around the world, I have been in Madrid for four years and I know this city and I am really in love with it, but now it’s time for me to move on and embrace something else. I think it’s the way that I was brought up. I get bored easily you know, I want to continue having this kind of life.