Magic is a form of connecting with people I think by astonishment.

How did your interest in magic develop?

I´ve always liked magic as a kid at birthday parties. I was always sitting in the front row where all the kids where screaming. I think I started learning magic because when I was eleven my whole family moved out of the country because of my dad’s job and we lived in a country where we didn’t speak the language, and we didn’t know anyone. I am also a very introverted person and that was a way for me to start interacting with more people so yeah, that’s why I think I started learning.

We were living in a hotel for a month and I was really bored. My mother had a magic kit for kids saved for birthday and I stole it and I started learning!

What trick do you like to do?

I like the most mentalism stuff, its like a branch of magic where you create an experience, where you have a six sense. You don´t really have a sixth sense but you use different techniques like body language and micro expressions asking the right questions, and seeing how people answer. There’s a lot of psychology involved and you create this sense that I am getting into your mind but I’m not really.

It’s the one I like performing the most because I think you make a connection with the person you are performing for.

Where are the places you perform the most?

I mainly perform in social events and for friends, but I do it professionally for social and corporate events. One of the shows is close up magic so I walk around the event and I preform one on one or by groups of people. It’s really good to make people interact so it’s great to break the ice in the event and starting to move the party.