What brought you to Europe?

I am currently visiting Europe for the first time. I just finished two months of student teaching. I am happy that I get this opportunity to be here today because dealing with family drama back home was kind of getting to be a lot.

My brother, actually, he has been a very extremist catholic, so very closedminded, and just not so open with who I am as a person, as a gay man. So, coming here is kind of my opportunity to be fully true to myself and at the same time, teaching young people I can be an example for them as well.

What has been so exciting about teaching?

I feel that being here it’s a win-win situation. I get to be myself and I get to be an example to young people. And I get to share their innocence of the world. You know, they are who they truly are, and the world hasn’t touched their bubble yet… if that makes sense! So yeah, I’m very happy to be here living my best life!