Why did you decide to visit Madrid?

It’s a place that is very welcoming and Cats Hostel it is too, it’s interesting to participate with people who are also getting to know the city. I like other hostels in Brazil and here it was really important to get to know other people and getting contacts for the next visits.

I passed by Madrid to get to know Prado Media Lab, that is very close to here and there are people who study social technologies, sensors for people when they get older, nature, environment, connections with other types of cultures and principally with other projects that are closer to the local reality of the people.

I’m an artist and an activist, and I mix both together. My principal area is social technological art, for example, sensors of quality of water, and air and I mixed that with those sensorial data to generate images and sounds that can call more attention to that militancy, so that people who are interested can easily approach.