Rianne Vrancken, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium

Hi, I’m 18 and it’s my first time traveling alone! I’ve been traveling for 2 weeks. My first was in Paris then Barcelona, Madrid and now in Porto! Mostly it has been a good experience but in Porto. I had my really bad first experience in another hostel, that’s why I’m here now in Cats. The other hostel was so disgusting! I was in Cats Hostel in Madrid and I like it there, so I was like “Ok let’s go to the Cats hostel in Porto”. I really enjoyed it in Madrid. They have a lot of tours and the pub crawl was amazing!!!

Why you chose Porto?

I was looking and normally I wanted go to Lisbon and then catch the flight to Rome, but I ran out of money and I was like “Ok now I don’t want to go home yet, let’s choose another place in Portugal and I saw Porto and it looks so pretty and I said to me let’s go!!”.

What was the worst or funniest moment in your travels?

My worst moment in other hostel was in Paris, in the first night there was a shooting in the streets nearby the hostel and I could hear everything. I was pretty shocked. The funniest was in Barcelona ‘cause I met so many good friends and we really have such a lovely night out!!