Tell me why you chosed the book. 

I don’t know, I don’t read that much but this one looks interesting. Palace Criminal book. It’s the one that goes missing and a criminal. I got a twisted mind so anything criminal, police, cops, serial killers.

Why do you think you like this type of genre?

I don’t know, cause I´m a fuckin´ psycho? Haha I don’t know, it’s interesting to see what´s going on, on their brains. I go to school for psychology, but for criminal, I never went though. It never worked out, but yeah, that’s what I want to do. It´s a heavy school material, so I don’t think I have the brain for that. Not right now at least, who knows in the future.

So far what have you read that you can share with us that´s interesting? 

I´m just starting. I only bought this a couple of weeks ago and only read it when I come to work and have nothing to do. So, so far there´s nothing interesting. It´s about a journalist and something goes wrong. He scams people or something like that.