Iʼve first studied design for 3 years, but that was never what I wanted to do in life. So after I finished that first degree I went to Spain, Madrid, to study classical ballet which was what I really loved and wanted to dedicate myself since ever. I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old and now, I teach ballet to kids and adults and it just makes me smile every day!

Whatʼs your experience studying far from home?

The most difficult part was adapting to the language. As similar as it looks to Portuguese, it really isn’t! I have a really pronounced Porto accent and I normally use a lot of expressions which help me show more of my personality, so transporting that to another language and being able to express yourself the way you want and the way you are able to do it in your own language it’s just impossible! So, I felt all the time that I wasn’t being myself. Of course, I spent 4 years there and eventually I ended up feeling more and more at ease with it, but the first two years were a bit difficult in that matter.

I ended up saying words that didn’t even exist and a lot of times people just nodded and smiled like «where does she come from?». I advise anyone who can, to experience studying abroad! Itʼs just an amazing experience in every way.

Do you like travel?

I absolutely love traveling! I would do it every month if I could! I’ve been to a few places actually, to the Spanish Islands, all of them, to Paris, Marroco, Dominican Republic, London… I have a cool story in Marroco! I went there with my parents and the people there, the locals, were always trying to convince my father to trade me and my sister for camels! With no success of course. I thought this was a nonsense joke tell by people, but it actually happens!!!

My favorite trip ever was doing the incredible «Costa Vicentina» here in Portugal. I absolutely loved it. I was moving every day and camping everywhere!