Tell us about your tattoo on your right arm

I was in grade 11, and I was at a guy’s house that I met, for the first time, and he said, “I’ve got a needle and some ink, do you want a tattoo?” and I said, “yes”, and he turned my two moles into a smiley face.

Now I get one tattoo for every country that I go to, so, I have to get one for Spain, a taco-saurus.

A taco-saurus?

It’s like, it’s a dinosaur inside of taco, uhm, it’s weird. I found a funny picture. It’s weird and different. No meaning, I don’t really have meanings on any of them – I find something that makes me happy and then I do it.

That’s what the meaning is, no? Happiness.

That’s right. *twists arm to show another tattoo* Skateboarding elephant.