Rajat Dogra, Delhi, India

Where do you live?

I’m doing Erasmus exchange semester in Barcelona. I’m studying robotics. I’m there since September and until January.

I’m loving it, the Spanish culture, the city, everybody is always outside chilling, it’s so much different from other places in Europe. It’s similar to Porto, actually, so it’s really nice. They party more than in Porto by the way, it’s crazy! But I normally live in Poland.

Do you usually travel?

I do, since I’ve started studying in Poland, I have been traveling quite a lot, this year. I’ve been in 20/21 countries, mostly in Europe. I’ve stayed in hostels most of the time because usually, I travel with one or two friends, so we’re not like a big group and it’s better to be in hostels. So we get to know people, it’s really cool.

I really like the Netherlands! I think they have the most friendly people around. In the hostel, I got to meet a group of 50 people and it felt like a family. Amsterdam was, of course, a crazy experience! Besides that, the cycling culture is crazy, I’ve cycled a lot, like 40km from one city to another.  And also the party culture, everyone goes crazy there!

During your journeys, did you meet anyone who left a mark on you?

I met a guy from the States in Madrid, and he was different from the other people. The way he talked about his life, he said to me “you are not running after money, but after living”.

And that guy is really educated, but he left his job and even though he’s doing some cooperative jobs, he’s going around countries and find environmental solutions for countries, and stays always at hostels for six months.