What was your worst travel experience?

Ok, so one it was probably on a night bus in Vietnam. I’d been on other buses in Vietnam and It had been fine. At first, I was a little scared, so I did a day bus, and I thought well that was all fine, the seats were nice, the driver was good so I was like, okay I’m just going to go jump in and take the night bus. So I got this night bus, and it was supposed to get us at the depot and then head right off.

We got to the depot and so everyone except all the westerners got on one bus and they told us: “We were gonna be on a second bus”. So we waited an hour and a half and they picked us up in this little shuttle and we drove into the middle of nowhere, and sure enough parked on the side of the road and there was this night bus. So we get on, and the thing was absolutely disgusting, there’s cockroaches, there’s like bugs crawling around, there was supposed to be a toilet on board and I opened it up and it was filled with all these used cleaning supplies and there was also no allocated seating so they tried to put me on the ground in the back next to the toilet that didn’t work.

It was probably the scariest time of my life. Yeah, like 13 hours of hell. Probably the scariest thing that has happened so far.

Scary because they took you to a van in the middle of a place, and yeah, cause originally, I was in different seat and they harass me for an hour and a half. And right at the last second, they even got to the point where they had someone on the phone who could speak English and said, “if you don’t move your seat we are going to kick you off the bus”. At this point, it was 2 am and we were in the middle of Vietnam, I don’t know where. And then, at the very last second this really, really, nice French guy who was right at the back. He must have seen how terrified I was, and he said, “I’ll swap seats with you”. He kinda like saved the day a little bit.