The traveling is refueling, you’re traveling to get out of your routine and to replenish your creative juices because they do run out. A way to do that is to go to new places and if you have friends in those places that makes it even better reason

What creative project are you working on now?

This was a project that just happened while I was traveling; I have a friend who’s a biker. He has a community centered around being in love with the culture and urban life of biking around and the fixed season. There is this film director from London and he likes the whole culture around it. So, he’s making a documentary about it. I was hanging out with my friend and I got to meet him, , I told him about the stuff that I do and the past few days we’ve been going out to places in the city, to locations to film parts of the documentary and right now I am working on the curation, the look and design of the posters, and all of the graphic images that are produced to sell and to advertise the film.