What would you suggest to travelers in Porto?

First of all, the monuments! I think history and culture is the true identity of this city!

As for restaurants… I have celiac disease so I could give nice restaurants suggestions to any person that has the same problem as me: «Tasquinha do Bé» is a great place here in downtown, they have excellent gluten-free Francesinhas, burgers and hot dogs! Also, in Matosinhos “Sergio Crivelli”.

When did you found that you have celiac disease?

6 years ago! I’ve always eaten normally until then. But I had a problem, like an allergy appearing in the morning and disappearing at night. So, when I did a biopsy, it turned out to be a celiac disease dermatologically. The doctor proposed a 1-year treatment, but that treatment could result in cancer, so we choose to have a non-gluten diet! Sometimes is hard, really hard. Portuguese cuisine is full of pastries and good things.  But it’s okeeeey!

You have a dog, right?

Yes, I have a 13-year-old doggo! I got him from a friend when he was only 2 months, he’s like a second son to me!

I have a funny story. He usually sleeps with me and my husband in our bed, since he was a puppy. He goes to bed when one of us goes, but one day I think he didn’t notice that we were already in bed so what did he do? He’s so smart… He saw us in bed, and he went to the bathroom to the bidet (he usually do to drink water) and I got up and went to open the bidet’s tap… and what he did, was starting to run and take my place in bed! ahahahah  Like: » Oh you went to bed without me, now one of you stays out of bed too!»