Orlando Rocha, Porto, Portugal

What was your first job?

When I was 16 I started working at some beach bars during holidays and later between my 20 and 26 I worked in the group NB, a famous company that does a lot of parties and festivals. I did a lot of festivals, a lot, a lot…

Some funny story during that experience? I guess you have a lot…

Well, here in Portugal we have the academic week at several cities, it’s like students festival, every college have their stand to sell drinks and there are different music artists and DJ’s every day. It’s cool and hardcore at the same time. Trust me when I say the most hardcore one is the Coimbra one!

Damn, that week is the worst of the year! So many drunk people reunited in the same place! And when there are drunk people in the academic week, are also the temptation to steal alcohol from the stands… So, one time it really gets me pissed and I have this great idea to connect the draft beer machine to the electricity, so when someone touches it, they receive an electronic shock!! All the bartenders laugh every time a smart student tried to steal beer. Until they all learn and stop stealing!

What do you like most about working at Cats Hostel?

I worked in several places, with several types of people and I needed to have 35 years old to get a job where I can find an incredible team! Everyone’s here have their personalities, strong personalities on top of that and everyone works as this was a family, everyone treats the other with care, kindness, respect! Everyone is very humble, and yes, I am 35 years old and I learn at this age, how teamwork could be good as f*ck!

Why do you like working at the maintenance area?

Well, because I worked as a bartender, nightclubs, restaurants, so I always have this desire to be inserted in the hospitality business. And one of the things that I like here is the atmosphere and the in and out of guests, there are always new faces, new personalities!

What’s your favorite sport?

I like many, but what that always gave me more adrenaline and pleasure was bungee jumping, but the illegal one with my friends!

Since I remember I love the feeling of risk, so I never had feared to break a leg or smash a motorbike etc… I always liked the adrenaline of extreme sports! But I am 35 now and I am thinking to have a son, so I needed to calm myself in order to fulfill that wish.

My biggest fear is to not to educate my son, see him grow, you know? My father died when I was 6 so yes, I want to see my child grow. And to do that, I’ll calm down when the child is born, and I will stop doing extreme sports for sure.