When was the first time you got someone to do a tarot reading for you? 

I think it was a friend of mine who had been really interested in it for a while and she had just gotten a deck, so she was like “can I practice on you?” I was immediately like, “This is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.” Then, my piano teacher got really into reading and was learning how to read, so she did a couple readings for me as well cause we´re close. I was always just like “I want to find a deck that speaks to me and learn how to do this”.

Where did you find this deck? 

In a wiccan shop in Canada in Montreal on a weekend stay there. We walked in and were exploring the shop and I was like “Oh my god” like the second I saw. “This is the one”.

Why do you recommend that we use tarot on a day to day basis? 

I think it’s a good meditative technique in a way of reflecting on your life and where you are and the path that you’re on. Like projecting onto the cards and letting them speak back to you. It gives you a way to organize your thoughts.

People talk about flipping a coin and if you’re disappointed with the answer, then that means you know what you want. I think tarots are often the same way. You look at what the cards are telling you, and then the way you feel and react to it, helps clarify the path that you’re on and where you want to be going.  

Do you follow collective tarot readings? 

I have a couple youtubers that I sometimes like to see their monthly readings that they do or like based on your Gemini´s this month and I´m like “Yea, you’re so right.” We´re always very chaotic, us Geminis, we need guidance. But not as much as I probably should.

What’s the most intriguing experience you´ve had in your life where tarot guided you to the moment? 

I feel like reading for myself is always really strange, because I often ask very obituary questions, like “Should I go to this coffee shop? or is today a day I need to relax or should I go out and be social?” It’s often small choices that I get stupid anxiety about and I´m like “I´m just going to ask”. I will have an answer and I will know what I want. So, I feel like it´s those little day to day choices that just add up, and it helps me keep centered.

What is the most interesting reading you´ve ever done? 

I had a friend who was going through a very difficult personal situation and didn’t know what to do about it and asked me some questions and asked me to help her figure out how to deal with that situation. That was very powerful, being able to help people through these situations is a strong part of why I wanted to learn how to do this in the first place.