Why do you have a tattoo Cats Hostel logo?

Back in 2017, I decided to travel to Spain. I had arranged to visit a friend in Albacete and then we would go together to Madrid. A few weeks before my trip, she cancels but I didn’t want to miss it, so I decided to travel alone. I booked a room at the Cats Hostel and the staff suggested I go and visit the bar that night. It felt very awkward to go there alone but I figured I would be able to make some friends. And so, I met W. It was his birthday and when he mentioned it to the bartenders, they gave him a bottle of champagne, and he invited us to drink with him and his friends. One of his friends ends up becoming my boyfriend, Manuel. He had just moved there and didn’t know many people. We spent the rest of my trip together. When I left, we kept in touch and we kept visiting each other.

I had an incredible experience in your hostel and that tattoo reminds me of that!!!

That such an honor!!! You need to come back to Cats Hostel and have another amazing experience!!!

I want to move to Madrid, I feel really connected to the city since my first visit during an Erasmus week in 2015! I’m always looking for a job there, but you probably know that job hunting AND apartment hunting at the same time is not an easy task! I’ve visited Madrid so many times and it feels like home to me so I keep coming back (could it be because I’ve touched the butt of el Oso en Plaza de Sol??) 😉

But for now, I’ll be working in Marbella this summer, so there’s that! I’ve taken a job offer in a hotel in Marbella for this summer season, it’s only temporary but I hope this job allows me to start a new life in Spain.

What about the other Cats cities, would you come to Porto or Lisbon?

I really enjoy traveling, I spent a few days in Porto last summer and I loved it there. I want to see more of Portugal and since there will be a Cats in Lisbon, that’s my next destination!
I’ve had an amazing time during my solo trips to Cats hostels and I’m looking forward to the next one.

I always thought city tours are boring but surprisingly, I love those that Cats offer! Pub crawls are now my thing: I got to meet some great people and share a drink with them. So, making new friends in Lisbon is what I’m most looking forward to.