Tell us about your 24-days trip in Portugal

My flight is a round trip from Lisbon. I went to Sintra, loved the «Palácio da Pena», but it was crowded, I can’t imagine how it is during the high season, should be freaky crazy in there! I don’t know what is going on with Portugal but since I got there, you always need to go up the hill and never down the hill, damn, there’s too many hills in Portugal! Then I was supposed to go to Obidos, but in the first 10 minutes I got soaking wet, my feet couldn’t handle so I decided to go to Peniche to spend the night, I didn’t surf obviously, I’m not a hardcore surfer and the weather wasn’t good!

I got to Porto the next day. One thing I’ve decided for this trip it was to get a rental car, that way I don’t need to wait for anyone I can just do whatever I want!

After Porto, I think I’m going to Braga and then, all the way down to Évora. I want to see that church with all the bones and stuff, Igreja dos Ossos!

I love Porto’s colorful houses, small streets, old ladies in her balcony just chilling or shouting to other old ladies… That’s the real experience, the small streets where you get all those beautiful smells with people cooking, shouting, amazing! Small restaurants with room for only 4 people at the time, we don’t have that back home, I just love it!

Are you always a solo traveler?

I haven’t been always a solo traveler but this time I didn’t want to wait for anyone, there was always an excuse for my friends to delay the trip, or Portugal wasn’t in their bucket list.

I had a problem, that I didn’t speak a word of English, so I’ve decided to spend 2 months in the coast of Canada in Whistler, working in a hostel and it was nice, the hostel life is the best life, that’s why when I travel I always stay in hostels, you make friends for life!

Do you have any funny/weird story in a hostel?

When I was in Vietnam, from a 28-days trip, I spent 27 in bed, I lost 10 pounds, and I was having the same meals as my friend, but for some reason, she didn’t get sick and I obviously got. And for starters, I’ve never been that sick in my life! So, in our dorm, the walls were as thin as a paper sheet and I had to go to the toilet every 5 minutes and I’m was ashamed of myself apologizing for the full stay, so yeah, pretty much everyone on a 10 people dorm heard me doing my business for 27 days.

Can you tell us the meanings of your tattoos?

In my arm, there’s a majestic eagle with “wanderlust” written in it, and an arrow that says “keep moving forward in life”! They are travel tattoos, like the stamps and then a plain, a hair balloon and my backpack tattoo.

The scooter tattoo comes from Asia! We did travel like almost all of the country in a scooter! I had some more but you know, they are in places you cannot see 😉