I have a degree in biology and in molecular biology and genetics. Biology is the study of the entire life so that you can study every organism, everything that is surrounding you, for example, fungi, bacteria, animals, humans…

What fascinates you about biology?

Everything is related to biology it’s interesting because you can see how similar we are with the bacteria, how complex we are, and how we work, why we breed, why we should eat, why we fall in love and everything.

You can study the history of homo sapiens too, that’s what I did during my master course. I studied the migration of homoserines. We started from Africa then we moved to Europe and Asia, then we moved back to Africa.

Now I am moving into another field which is Forensic genetics, so how to use the DNA to identify a person and solve crimes or for example in paternity tests.

In particular I always studied the DNA because I think it is one of the most fascinating thing because everything about you is written in your DNA: how old, how tall, if your eyes are blue, if your hair is black or white.

Do you think people are born gay?

I don’t know much about homosexuality, but I think its related to the experiences that you have, maybe the DNA can be part of this, but you should always consider the DNA with the environment where you live and how you grow up. With trans people I think it’s something related to hormones and some people are born like that in a different body, but I don’t have the answer or a real answer. Neither does the best biologist!

I think that people can feel they are not in their body. For example, when you are in your mother’s tummy there are hormones, so you can have more male hormones or more female hormones so yeah, in that case you can feel that you are not in your body.

Why are we attracted to the people that we are attracted to?

You start to produce some hormones like serotonin and it’s like everything. I don’t know what makes you produce all these hormones, but you start to produce the hormones so it’s like chemicals and you feel good. It’s like with drugs, they do the same thing!