Why you have these stickers at your work computer? What do they mean to you?

When I was a kid, I would always go to the grocery shop and buy fake sticker tattoos. I like the idea of impermanence, and transitions, and the constant change of feelings and landscapes. Change is the only constant thing in my life. I like traveling, I like the sun, I like palm trees, and a pair of micheladas. My mom ate a lot of watermelons when she was pregnant with me, so when I see watermelons I get happy. And the suitcase is there because I’m a nomad, and I’ve been traveling my whole life.

These stickers maintain me in a high vibration while I’m working. And they symbolize hope for new adventures.

How else do you get your vibrations? What are your morning rituals?

I wake up and I listen to meditations on an app called Calm. After that, I recite 5 things that I’m grateful for. And then, I prepare a lemon water with ginger and a bit of honey. Afterward, I jump into the shower and I listen to Brazilian music. I dance too. Then, on my way to work, I listen to a podcast to learn Portuguese. And then, I get to work, and I hug everybody.

Do you have any ritual with your partner?

I have great sex rituals. Apart from that, we love to drink micheladas, and dine out a lot. We also like to dance salsa, anywhere. Whenever I feel inspire and she does, we sort of dance together.

What’s your favorite dance move?

The way I move in the bed when I’m with her.

That’s not a dance move!

That is a dance move. [Laughs]