Tell us about your routines

Sort of normal day to day: I wake up, shower immediately, have breakfast and rush out of the house because I am always late. In the evening, if I am in a wholesome mood, I will go to the gym, then have dinner and come home. If not, then I will just put the tv on dinner and then bed?

What’s your place of solace?

I’m not sure, probably the beach. I’ve got a house in the south of Barcelona so probably a beach down there.

What intrigues you most about meeting someone for the first time?

Probably where they are from, and the stories that they come along with their traveling.

Where do you think we can gain that knowledge from?

Just learning from each other chatting about and being more open.

What would you like to share with the world?

I don´t know probably I want to share the knowledge that people should be more empathetic and sympathetic to people.