The thing I am most proud of is how much I have changed since I have left high school and my ability to love my family and everyone around me. Coming out of a high school bubble, I definitely explored more with traveling. I´ve been to Europe three times now, all with my own money I haven’t ever asked for my parents for anything

I am proud of my ability to not have to live off my parents like a lot of people do. I am proud that they have instilled in me to be that independent. I am also happy that I have such a close connection with my immediate family and my extended family

I am studying sports business as well as working. I work thirty-eight hours a week while doing twenty hours of university. I do it all in seven days, however, I still manage to get social and I try to keep everything together. I am starting my adulting career at this point, I am 21 so I am really trying to start adulting!