What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is “Call me by your name”. I think that, first of all, the story itself is a love story. It doesn’t matter who is in love with, who’s gender-wise, just about love in general. But to be the next big movie, it was just the way it was shot and how the story is written, it doesn’t feel like a typical love story it just feels like a day by day life and there’s no bug obstacle you could say. It’s just them living their lives and falling in love.

Call me by your name movie just happened to be in Italy and that’s kind of the reason I wanted to go to northern Italy this summer, where the movie is actually based. And I’m excited to do that and I had actually gotten to go and see the small town where the director is from.

He shot a few shots of the movie in a town called Crema in the northern part of Italy, and I actually got to go see it. It’s a small little small typical Italian town what you think of Italy. The buildings are pastel-colored that’s why I just love it so much.