I am actually in Spain it’s my first ever trip outside of the United States. A big group of about 50 friends and I, came out to Granada a friend’s wedding. Some of the people are very experienced travelers, some of them are first time travelers like me. Some have never met before and we met online and we just spent the past weekend in Granada and it was the experience of a lifetime for everyone there. I am in Madrid now for a couple more days and I’m going to take it all in and see what some of the best cities in the world have to offer.

Try your best to do a mix of traveling with a group of people but also spending some time for yourself even if that thing you do is going around the block at some point getting a coffee by yourself instead with your friends.

There is that meditative peace of mind that comes from just having time to yourself in a place you have never been before, the self-discovery aspect of it is really great.