Why are you in Porto?

I came here because I visited Porto earlier this year and I wasn’t allowed to see it, so I came by again. I loved it so much the first time, that I had to came to live for a few months! I don’t have plans for how long I want to be here, but I guess for a long time. I don’t usually make life plans, I always go with the flow!

Do you travel often?

Yes, a lot. As much as I can. Since always, with my parents when I was a child, and alone since I went to Barcelona for a year, in 2016.Travelling solo is good because you can do whatever you want, you don’t have no one telling you what to do. It’s a feeling of freedom.

The best place I’ve been to was Bali! I surfed there, and it was an amazing experience, and I want to try it again so Im doing it now.

In your surfing experience, do you already have some trouble or felt fear?

Yes, when it’s very stormy, with big waves, there’s nothing you can do, the waves come, and you just hope for the best. It can be scary, but usually is not.

I had an accident just one time. There were a lot of rocks, and there was a guy and me and we had a bad time trying to get off the rocks. It was here in Portugal, in Gaia. I was quite hurt but not too much.

Do you have a bucket list or a list of places you wanna go?

I want to go to South America, because it seems really interesting and different, and maybe everywhere except North Korea.

Do you usually stay at hostels?

When I travel with friends we usually rent a house. When I travel alone, I stay in hostels. It’s good because you can meet different people from different countries. You can talk to everyone because everyone has an interest in that. Everyone is really interesting because they all do different things.