What’s your inspiration to get the beard?

It’s because of the Nordic Vikings. I always liked the appearance of a man with a beard and since I started playing as a child a board game called War Hammer. And there was one race that had long beards and I decided to grow one as well.

I think nowadays it’s not well seen at least in Spain, because a lot of people in the streets look and say be careful with him, or even for work, they don’t care about the CV, they just care about the way you look. So, I don’t think it’s fair for people who have a different appearance.

People with different appearances can do the same job or even a better job, than people who have a more accepting and well-seen appearance, so I want to prove that we can do the same.

How long has it taken you to grow your beard and what does it symbolize?

It doesn’t symbolize anything, I just like beards and I let it grow. Before coming here to Cats Hostels, I used to have a long beard and I shaved it before coming to the hostel to get the job. When I got the job, I started to grow it again so this beard is since I started working here three years ago. I wash my beard every day, sometimes Wioleta, or Lorenza make braids on them or I do it myself.