Who is your biggest inspiration?

One DJ that is called Wndrlst and he is from Rotterdam and basically his way of rising to fame has inspired me in my own career. Well, obviously he was just producing from his bedroom and he started when he was really young. He is still quite young now, he’s 25 and I think he started when he was like literally 15. He was just remixing tracks just for fun and now he is becoming so famous in the scene, and it’s cool to see that his old tracks had no views and now it’s being played by the biggest DJs in the world.

I like to produce industrial techno, it’s an angry type of music. I use it to express my feelings or if I feel angry about something. It’s weird because it’s not like in a negative way, it’s a way of turning that negativity into a positive thing because of course, you can make something really good from it.

So, yeah, if I am really pissed about something, I think of a way that I can express it with music. I start with a kick, it’s the main part of techno and finding the right one that when you hear it it’s exactly how I pictured in my head. So yeah, trying different things and finally it comes, and then the other elements come.