Tell us about a travel anecdote

I was moving across the country to San Diego after college and we were traveling on a budget, so we needed an Airbnb in Colorado on the way from NY. We found one for about $40 a night and we were like “Alright, perfect”. The people seem super nice. And they asked us “Hey did you read our bio? Respectfully, I didn’t. But was not going to tell them I didn’t. So, I was like “of course we read your bio”. So about 5 minutes later we went out to grab food and we were like “alright let’s look at this bio so if they ask us again”.

We noticed they were swingers and nudists and kind of put us in a weird predicament because we didn’t know what to expect.

When we got back, the lady had changed into a tank top and shorts but the guy was in shorts with his shirt off drinking wine by the counter and we couldn’t tell if he was naked or not, so it was a quick pause of like reality and the fact that we are in a house with nudists right now. But then he goes around and he had shorts on behind the counter. And it was really normal.

They kept inviting us to eat dinner with them, over and over and over and there were two kitchens so they made sure to cook in the kitchen downstairs in the one we rented, we didn’t join them, they kept asking. The night went on and we were watching a soccer game on the TV and we heard them having sex, fair enough, we were in their house, do as they please, so we decided to go out and smoke a joint. We were in Colorado for the first time, we’re smoking outside hanging with their animals, they had chicken and cats. We were probably out there for an hour and a half and we come inside. Soccer was no longer on the TV and there is softcore porn in the room we rented on Airbnb, we scurry to the TV and turn it off and we shifted the whole layout of our apartment. These people weren’t about it, me and my friend slept on opposite sides of the bed a little freaked out, the night kind of ended there. The next day we left as quickly as we could, the lady was there but the guy was not. Shout out to Airbnb, and swingers. Read the bio.