I love working at the hostel! I work with the ladies in the office and they are very friendly, it’s always fun. The environment the hostel itself is great. A lot of people coming in and out, a lot of new faces, a lot of life, it is great. I have never stayed in hostel before this summer but through my experience definitely when I travel, I am going to stay at hostels.

What do you think about Cats Hostel?

At first, I really thought it was like a crappy motel but when I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised it’s a beautiful building a lot of spaces to do activities and its really centrally located so it’s really easy to get to and from every day.

Any misunderstanding with the Spanish language?

I was texting somebody and I told her that she wanted to kiss me and I had no idea at first and then she responded and then I was like oh my bad and she was cool about it so it’s all ok.