I love knowing other cultures, it opens your mind a lot. I feel that we use a certain percentage of our brains and when we travel, we expand our minds a lot more. That’s the real pleasure of traveling. I’ve never traveled this far, although I do travel a lot in Argentina. It’s the first time that I come to Europe, and well, we’ve been here for two days and we have already met people from all over the place and is really great how other people see your habits. Like for example our «mate», the tea,  people call it differently here, and you continue winning a lot of culture.

My travel tip is to always carry a bottle of water and organize the trip and make it personal.

For example, there were agencies that were selling us the trip and we decided to organize it ourselves, we investigated a lot, researching videos, and reading things, and for now, everything has been working out well. The part of the unknown is also really great, but it’s also really good to have a route that can also guide you during your trip.